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The sculptures are shaped by hand, and slowly built up using the traditional coil method. The "leaves" on the sculptures are all finger-shaped and processed until they are paper-thin. All sculptures are hand-glazed with a brush.


In her first creations Rikke would primarily create sculptures that had a systematic construction model but still seemed so multidimensional and organic, that to viewers the construction seemed random. Many of the sculptures from the Leaf and Geometrical collection are examples of that.

Today Rikke is passionate about creating sculptures that don’t have a “front” or a “backside” and looks completely different depending on the angel. Creating asymmetrical sculptures with no predetermined construction model, gives an enormous artistic freedom while at the same time demands a constant critical attitude towards the work “as a whole”. While the beauty of this is that every piece is more unique, it is also more demanding and requires a constant questioning of the direction of the work during the process.

While Rikke has been selling art for many years, it was only in November 2020 she showed her first pieces of ceramic art. This was one year after attending her first beginners’ workshop in ceramics in September 2019. During the last 2,5 years since first showing her work, she has evolved in both style and technique, and nothing is more important to her than to constantly evolve, develop new shapes, use new techniques and new materials. Next step is to combine ceramics with other materials like wood, bronze and fabric.

While her journey has been relatively short, the works on the website represent a “trip down memory lane” showing both previous and present works.  Her ambition is that the years to come will show works that are more daring, more technical demanding and more intriguing to look at. Being at a standstill is both her biggest fear and her biggest internal drive.

/June 2023

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