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I ship a lot of work abroad. 

There are 2 ways of shipping abroad. Me shipping the work(s) myself or having a professional artshipper ship the work. 

Small/medium up to medium/large size work can be shipped by me, while I reserve the right for bigger pieces to be shipped by a professional art shipper.

Small items like coffe cups and small bowls can be shipped at a lower price, this is the shippingprice for up medium/large works. 

The price when I ship an artwork within Europe is 135 euro (1000 DKK), for 1 piece, including full insurence. The price for several pieces has to calculated. Contact me for at shippingoute if you want to buy several pieces. 

Shipping Internationally, outside ouf Europe is 195 EURO (1450 DKK)

Some countries may charge the buyer for importing art. Not all countries outside the EU charge fees, but some do. Please be aware that any VAT, Frees or Import Duties that comes from buying from outside of the EU, lies soly on the buyer.

If you are unsure about the import duties ect. that may be relevant for your specific country, please contact the local autorities. 

Me wrapping and shipping

Professional Art Shipper

Recently shipped work

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